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Nick Ara has entertained and informed thousands over the years, which is one reason why he's so much in demand as a lecturer, trainer, and conference speaker. Following are the talks and seminars that he does most often. The talks generally run best as 90 minute - 3 hour presentations, but can be lengthened or shortened.

Nick also teaches multi-day technical seminars on a broad range of data communications and networking topics. For more information, send email. Thanks!

The talks and seminars fall roughly into two categories: Data Communications and Networking and General Teaching and Support.

Data Communications and Networking

Prior to the explosion of the World Wide Web in 1994, few business managers gave any thought to networking and data comm. Those who did, were already employed in their corporate telecommunications department. At best, these "techies" need only guarantee that the data links were up and active, connecting hosts with end-users. This requirement still holds true, with applications availability now more crucial than ever before.

Thanks to remote access by mobile users, telecommuters, and perhaps more than anything else, the Telecommunications Act of 1996, it is absolutely imperative that business managers learn about their options and how to get the most out of their networking dollar.  These seminars represent some of the frequently requested topics:

General Teaching and Support Topics

These seminars focus on the "people" end of the support and teaching business -- how to create and manage a terrific stable of top-quality instructors, how to get technical points across even to non-technical audiences.

Technology speaker, consultant, and trainer Nick Ara watches these issues for a living. Attend these seminars and get the unbiased (and entertaining) view on what to watch in the year ahead - and perhaps what you should have been watching all along.

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