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If you are a training manager, HR executive, or an experienced instructor, you are probably aware of the frustrations involved in finding (and retaining) qualified training talent. Usually, training solutions are simply purchased (outsourced) if the need is short term: such as project related, government-mandated or initiative based instruction. The Y2K demand for COBOL programmers (and the resultant need to train them) is a good example of this type of demand.

This all changes once the demand for instruction is continuous, predictable and sizable. At that point, it may be wiser to staff the position from within, capitalizing on those "techies" to deliver these classes. Years ago we discovered that some of our I.S. staff had the desire, skill, and aptitude to instruct students in many of the same topics they were already "subject matter experts" in. They were successful because they could impart complex, technical information in non-threatening ways.

If you have the technical talent on your staff, you are already half way there. This workshop is designed to complete the solution by developing the second half, leaving your organization with a valuable training resource. The full workshop typically runs for about 21 hours, but again, can be modified to suit the learners needs.

Workshop Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, the attendee will be able to effectively:

Learning Delivery Skills

The technical expert already has the credibility for being highly competent in their field. We will provide the techniques necessary to make any course taught by the technical expert popular, interesting and, lively; minimizing the problems and errors often made by new instructors.Topics include:

The Learning Principles

To properly instruct a class, especially in a "technical" topic, it is vital that the instructor understand how adults learn. Understanding some simple principles will translate into learner "retention". We will cover:

The Strategy of Learning

It is usually best to approach each learning activity with an anticipated outcome. Depending upon the topic, learner skill-set, or motivation, these objectives can vary greatly. In this module, we will examine many of the issues that surround those instructors who deliver technical training.

Managing the Course

The best planned training effort will fall apart without careful attention to course management. Details such as room setup and group dynamics are often neglected during the planning phase of a training initiative. This module will cover some of the fundamental mistakes made.

Since this is a workshop, we will continually be practicing throughout the class. The attendee will be videotaped numerous times to provide feedback. You will be evaluated by your instructor and the other attendees and leave the class with a video recording of your "best performance"!

Recommended Background

This workshop has been developed as a "first course" to address the needs of trainers who have less tan one year's experience delivering technical training. We request that all attendees come to the session prepared with a 20 minute topic to deliver to the class. This will serve as a starting point from which to build upon.

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