Electronic Commerce in the Y2K

Why Electronic Commerce?

Electronic commerce represents a qualitatively novel stage in the growth of the global information economy. Networks are expanding, interlinking, and becoming more complex.

The convergence of computer and communication technologies has led to the integration of data, voice, graphics, and video into a seamless digital World-Wide Web (WWW) which promises to undermine many organizational strategies and create new market structures. The Y2K may, in fact, prove to be the landmark year for electronic commerce.

We are beginning to witness a convergence of previously distinct industries such as: At the heart of this upheaval lies the challenge and opportunity created by electronic commerce.

The manager of the future needs to be technologically savvy, able to understand technological trends, and quick to assess the business opportunities made possible by the rapidly evolving technology. Electronic commerce presents opportunities in a variety of contexts. One area is in new information products and services, such as:

Another area is the organizational challenge of developing appropriate business models for electronic interaction, but questions abound...

Finally, how can a firm innovatively use the array of rapidly evolving technologies to gain a competitive advantage in the electronic business realm? As the dizzying pace of evolution in organizational web sites indicates, no organization can afford to be left behind.

Electronic commerce poses both a challenge and an opportunity for managers. As a matter of competitive necessity, savvy managers must gain an understanding of the rapidly technology and business models. They need to develop a basic understanding of how electronic commerce differs from "real" business settings.

They also need to acquire a hands-on knowledge of the underlying technological infrastructure in order to have a clear idea of the business and organizational possibilities inherent in these developments. This seminar will attempt to fill this need.

Electronic Commerce doesn't come with Instructions!

Organizations are finding that the development of a coherent World Wide Web presence and strategy has become a competitive necessity. Yet, few electronic commerce (EC) business models exist on how to build a successful web operation.

Much confusion also exists regarding the technological infrastructure needed to actually implement an EC strategy. This seminar provides both the strategic and technical essentials of what a manager needs to know in order to manage and lead an electronic commerce initiative.

From a business perspective, we will examine the use of the web for the marketing and distribution of goods and services. We will focus on assessing the marketing and strategic impact of EC on areas such as:

We will also study the policy and societal impact of EC on:

The attendees will develop an understanding of the technology infrastructure that enables electronic commerce as we cover technical issues such as:

Recommended Background

Prerequisite knowledge for this session includes a basic understanding of data communications, networking, and the Internet.

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