Marketing Technical Training

Step-by-step Procedures to Successfully Position your Training Product

Corporate training managers, independent training vendors and account managers all share some common goals. First, to develop a quality training product and second to successfully market those products.

This six hour course has been authored to help the training manager hone the skills necessary to accomplish the marketing aspect. Within three modules, we will explore many key processes ranging from creating product credibility, through following up with a business plan.

Seminar Objectives

Upon completion of this seminar, the attendee will be able to effectively:

Module 1 - Developing a Marketing Plan

The key to marketing success is a well thought-out marketing plan. While this may appear academic, determining the components for such a plan may not be. This module will address this issue, including:

Module 2 - Product Promotion

After a marketing plan has been completed (and well documented), the next step involves product promotion. Here again, there are processes to be followed and items to uncover, and many are not so obvious. Many promotional efforts fail simply due to missing key promotional opportunities. We will explore "real world" successes and failures to determine what applies to your specific situation. We will cover:

Module 3 - Managing the Relationship

Your customers and clients are relying upon you to demystify the technology they are required to understand. In fact, their success with technology may be directly attributable to your success as a training resource.

Today, you'll need more than a history of satisfactory course evaluations if you want the customer-supplier relationship to continue. Module 3 will reveal how relationship management can propel your training effort more than any other marketing tactic.

Finally, we will close the session by summarizing all of the key concepts and principles of Marketing Technical Training.

Who Should Attend

This seminar has been developed for managers of technical training who wish to promote their training product within their organizations or externally to other organizations. No prior marketing expertise is expected of the attendees.

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