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My primary expertise and background is in the area of computer communications and wide-area networking, including all aspects of connectivity between large-scale host systems, network and database servers, and client systems.

During the spring of 1989, I was approached by CUNY to build York College's first computer lab designed to facilitate datacomm training. I equipped that lab with what was considered "state-of-the-art" hardware for those days: thirty IMB PS/2 mod 30 PCs with 30 Hayes 2400 bps modems, three ADC multiplexers, one Bay Network router, all configured via a T-Bar patch panel to one 3Com 40 mbyte server connected with 10BaseT Ethernet cable. Of course, this was before the Internet explosion and dial-up circuits were the norm.

Once a working lab was in place, I authored a course called Principles of Data Communications and began my college teaching career as an Adjunct Lecturer. Within two years, the curriculum expanded to include a second course focusing on network design and basic testing. With each passing semester the enrollment increased, necessitating the need for additional lab and classroom space as well as course sections. Additional staff was added to supplement that growth and in 1994, I was honored to learn that Datacommunications I (CS 261) and Datacommunications II (CS 361) would comprise a separate track within the ISM major.

Now, over 24 years and thousands of students later, this structure continues. You can be assured that these classes reflect the latest technological trends and processes found in the enterprise today. Point your browser to the course you are interested in for more information contained in the syllabus.

Depending upon the semester and course demand, I may be instructing:

  • Computer Science I (CS 172)
  • Data Communications I (CS 261)
  • Data Communications II (CS 361)
  • Statistics and Probability (Math 111)
  • Quantitative Methods for Decision Making (Math 115)
  • Introduction to Database Management (CS 292)
  • Computer Algebra (Math 119)

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