Syllabus: Data Communications II (CS 361)

This course has been authored as a logical follow-up to Data Communications I (CS 261) which focused on concepts, theory, business issues and terminology. We will build upon and continue with these items in CS 361 by examining everything discussed earlier, and incorporating in a network blueprint using Visio 2000. Of particular importance will be the topics of wireless communications and video technology and the video lab facility which we will include as a student tour. There will be several tests which will help evaluate student performance and understanding of the content.

Important: It is the instructors policy that students attend ALL sessions. Excessive absences will adversely affect the final grade. This policy will hold true for late assignments and "make-up" exams, which will result in a DISCOUNTED GRADE.

Note: The outline shown below is meant as a guideline. Individual topics are subject to change depending upon technology "bulletins", regulatory rulings, tour availability, etc.

Schedule for Spring 2008

Week 1 - January 26

Location: Classroom 2B04

Topic: Introductions and course objectives. Review of network diagramming, and MS Visio 2003.

Week 2 - February 2

Location: Classroom 2B04

Topic: Semester hands-on project assigned. Requirements statement reviewed, with an eye toward including upcoming topics as elements in the network diagram. Lab work begins.

Week 3 - February 9

Location: Lab C201

Topic: LAN and mainframe components and server designations. The naming convention for device addressing explored and agreed upon. Lab work continues.

Week 4 - February 16

Location: Classroom 2B04

Topic: T-1 discussed, framing, superframes, ESF, T-3 technology. Lab work continues.

Week 5 - February 23

Location: Classroom 2B04

Exam 1 - Basic thru advanced T-1 digital circuits

Week 6 - March 1

Location: Lab C201

Topic: Advanced T-1 multiplexing, input/output, ADPCM, clear channel transmission, AMI, B8ZS. Lab work continues.

Week 7 - March 8

Location: Lab C201

Topic: Lab work continues with the inclusion of T-1 circuits, related hardware including routers, firewalls, switches, as appropriate.

Week 8 - March 15

Location: Classroom 2B04

Topic:TCP/IP addressing, address classes, subnet concepts, masking, deployment and assignment logic.

Week 9 - March 29

Location: Lab C211

Lab day: NOTE NEW LAB ROOM! Verification of components added to date, validation of diagram logic. IP address assignments added to diagram sites and devices.

Week 10 - April 5

Location: Lab C211

Topic: Review work completed to date: Devices named according to naming convention, all sites covered with high-speed circuits, all necessary devices properly addressed, all work clearly documented.Topic: TCP/IP concepts and introduction / comparison with hardware addressing.

Week 11 - April 12

Location: Classroom 2B04

Exam 2: TCP/IP addressing

Week 12 - May 3

Location: Lab C211

Topic: Mainframe concepts, properties and components. Inclusion of at least one mainframe accessible via IP addressing to project site. I will distribute IBM z/10 CDs to everyone.

Week 13 - May 10

Location: Classroom 2B04

Topic: Video technology - basics and concepts, broadcast needs vs. business needs, analog vs. digital, NTSC vs. PAL, video teleconferencing requirements.

Week 14 - May 17

Location: Classroom 2B04

Exam 3 - Video Technology. Network planning project is due today. Course review, summary, next step for careers, hail and farewell!

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