Syllabus: Quantitative Methods for Decision Making (Math 115)

Learning Objectives:

To understand and apply the following mathematical concepts in the field of business:

  • Algebra and Equations
  • Graphs, Lines and Inequalities
  • Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
  • Basics of the Mathematics of Finance
  • Systems of Linear Equations and Matrices
  • Linear Programming
  • Basics of Differential Calculus (time permitting)

    Textbook: Lial, Margaret L.; Hungerford, Thomas W.; and Holcomb, Jr., John P.;

    Mathematics with Applications (Third Edition) Third Custom Edition for York College Pearson Custom Publishing

    ISBN: 0-0536-44173-1

    Grading Policy:

  • All students are expected to participate in the learning experience
  • All exams are equally weighted

    Outline of Topics

    Chapter 1

    Algebra and Equations
    Real numbers, polynomials, factoring, rational expressions, exponents and radicals, first-degree equations, quadratic equations. Chapter 1 Summary and Review, Case study 1.

    Chapter 2

    Graphs, Lines, and Inequalities
    Graphs, equations of lines, linear models, linear inequalities, polynomial and rational inequalities. Chapter 2 Summary and Review, Case Study 2.

    Chapter 3

    Functions and Graphs
    Functions, graphs of functions, applications of linear functions, quadratic functions, applications of quadratic functions, polynomial functions, rational functions, Chapter 3 Summary and Review. Case Study 3.

    Chapter 4

    Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
    Exponential functions, applications of exponential functions, logarithmic functions, logarithmic and exponential equations. Chapter 4 Summary and Review. Case Study 4.

    Chapter 5

    Mathematics of Finance
    Simple interest and discount, compound interest, future value of an annuity and sinking funds, present value of an annuity and amortization. Chapter 5 Summary and Review. Case Study 5.

    Chapter 6

    Systems of Linear Equations and Matrices
    Systems of linear equations, The Gauss-Jordan method, basic matrix operations, matrix products and inverses, applications of matrices. Chapter 6 Summary and Review. Case Study 6.

    Chapter 7

    Linear Programming
    Graphing linear inequalities in two variables, linear programming: The Graphical Method, applications of linear programming, The Simplex Method: Maximization, maximization applications. The Simplex Method: Duality and Minimization, The Simplex Method: Nonstandard Problems. Chapter 7 Summary and Review, Case Study 7.

    Chapters 11 & 12

    Differential Calculus & Applications of the Derivative
    These chapters will be covered as time permits.

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