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AR&D specializes in "knowledge transfer" -- transferring difficult-to-understand information from our heads to yours. We prefer to not use the term training. Training implies that we will instruct you at the keystroke level, writing formulas, building tables, all of that "rote" stuff. While we can conduct lessons in this fashion, it is not necessarily our clients' preference.

Today, a manager's time has become more precious than ever. Many people no longer have the time to sit in a two day class. More and more have asked for alternate, bite-sized learning solutions. We specialize in building four types of those tools:

Informative, Entertaining Talks

Nick Ara is a highly sought-after technology speaker. Sometimes he'll make you laugh and sometimes he'll make you mad, but he always makes you think. If you don't have the time to sit in a day-long class? You'd be surprised what you can learn in as little as 60 to 90 minutes.

Custom-tailored Sessions

Flexibility is a hallmark of AR&D. We'll always keep the content crisp and tight. You will never find any "fill" in an AR&D course. That's because you describe precisely what you'd like included in the course and how much time should be spent on instruction. We avoid "off-the-rack" courseware. If, for example, you'd like to schedule our Basic Data Communications course, but really don't need the module on ISDN (or would rather substitute it for, say, an IBM SNA module), we'll exclude it from the course content, course notes and lecture. Its that simple!

Informative Links to Industry Standard-bearers

Over the years, we've consistently been called upon to locate and describe networking standards. Some of this stuff can get extremely complex and difficult to follow. Yet, it is a necessary evil in this industry. As a service to the academic community and those individuals engaged in network design, AR&D will maintain links, with the requisite humor, to all significant sources of telecom standards.

Direct, to-the-Point Video-Based Education

Nuggets of knowledge about particular technical areas expressed clearly over your video links. Instruction "over the air" is significantly different than traditional instructor-led delivery. We have the skills and experience to hold your audiences attention while imparting information. You provide the network and we'll guarantee successful sessions. Coming soon....web-based training!

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